• Special diet

    Special Dietary Food (Supplemental Nutritional Supplements)

    Product Catalog: Multidimensional Mineral Protein Powder (Supplemental Nutritional Supplements), Qinger Shu (Supplemental Nutritional Supplements), Leji Food (Supplementary Nutritional Supplements).


    Supplemental supplement is a supplement containing a variety of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals, etc.) with or without food matrix and other accessories, added in June to 36 months of infants and young children eat food, also Can be used for children from 37 months to 60 months old.

    Has the following characteristics:
    (1) to adapt to the object for infants and young children, for its food supplement, can also be used for children from 37 months to 60 months of strengthening.
    (2) with the concept of dose, but also recommended daily consumption.
    (3) has the traditional Chinese medicine theory and the current nutritional theory concept. Capacity: Nissan can 80,000 packets, to produce 1.7 million packets, with an annual capacity of 20 million packets.